lover of travel | curator of belly laughs | cat mom | daily walks and moments spent in meditation | chocolaholic | probably dancing | seeking ways to play | not the person to ask about sports | a toss up between gregory peck & cary grant | best show in the world is the office | avid personal development junkie | fairies are real | will not paint the town red, instead will paint the world rainbows | grateful to be here.

Meet Taylor Victoria, a dedicated full-time artist based in Phoenix, renowned for her expertise in custom murals and captivating canvas art. Taylor's artistic journey took flight at the age of 19, following a challenging period in her life. It was during this time that she discovered solace and mindfulness in the world of drawing and painting. Her creative endeavors, initially centered around the intricacies of mandalas, soon evolved into vibrant compositions that have adorned the walls of local and national businesses, yoga studios, private residences, schools, commercial buildings, and more.  

Beyond creating with just her paint brush, Taylor imparts her creative knowledge through workshops and courses tailored for young aspiring artists, a role that resonates deeply with her background as a former teacher. 

Taylor is also the co-founder of Rising Retreats, a company focusing on overall Health, Wellness, and Creative Awakening. Modalities such as creative art activities, adventure, meditation, movement, and health education are all a part of this immersive week long experience. 

Fueled by an abiding affection for her community and a profound belief in the curative capacities of art, Taylor's journey is one that continues to expand and inspire. For those seeking to delve deeper into her artistic offerings or to glean further information be sure to follow along her journey on facebook, instagram, and by signing up for her newsletter. 


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Creativity is the vehicle that transports the imaginative world into the tangible. I believe in continually nurturing the Spirit of Creativity in order to birth more beauty, magic, and miracles in this world.


I strive to forge profound connections - with my art, with you, and with the very essence of creativity itself. Together, we'll weave a tapestry of meaningful work that resonates deeply.


Our inner child is the one who holds the key to never ending Creativity. The easiest way to access my inner child is through PLAY. Therefore, I believe strongly in incorporating the spirit of play in all of my creative workings.

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